How to include WLAN into a simple PRIQ traffic shaping setup

  • Hello,

    I am currently trying to establish a very simple priority queue traffic shaping.

    I need some low bandwidth connections at a higher priority, so this should not starve anything.

    I am using a WAN, LAN and WLAN interface which I want to include in this process.

    It is really important for me to also control traffic to and from the WLAN.

    Using the wizard on LAN/WAN interfaces works (queues are populated on both interfaces)

    Sadly you cannot include the WLAN interface (I get errors/warnings that this is not possible).

    So I created a LAN/WLAN bridge and tried to establish the queues on this bridged interface.

    In this scenario, the WAN queues are populated, but the BRIDGE queues stay empty.

    I did some research and enabled setting, but the queues stay empty.

    I know that you need firewall rules to populate queues and I am aware that I need to match outgoing connections on the interfaces using floating rules. I tried setting up the rules manually, but I was not able to populate the BRIDGE queues.

    Thanks for your input.

  • New idea or temporary fix: If I map the whole WLAN traffic to a LAN interface, I could shape this LAN interface instead.

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