Apinger syslog messages appearing in debug

  • AMD64 2.2.4

    Dont know if this is the right forum for apinger, but I'm seeing the "apinger:" syslog messages appearing under the syslog severity status of debug.

    Perhaps the syslog severity status "Info" would be better?

  • Banned

    apinger is dead, broken garbage. Syslog severity is certainly the least of its problems.

  • That maybe so, but considering when apinger was written, this might give others the idea to check out when that code was written along with who wrote that code and then check out other bits of their work for poor quality code which could be exploitable.

    In other words, if you know a crap programmer worked on something, then other things that crap programmer worked on could also be exploitable especially if its more significant to the security framework of pfsense.

    Ergo clearing up obvious indicators like this, makes it harder to select which parts of a system to look at.

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    Look. There are no fixes going into this dead junk. Let alone cosmetic stuff like syslog facility. More clear now?

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