• Hi All

    I have successfully installed PFsense 2.2.4 onto a decommissioned Citrix Branch Repeater

    i have a PCIE Dual gigabit card, with two onboard gigabit NICS too, during initial configuration with the auto detection of the interfaces i was only able to use one onboard (the other kept saying no link up detected) - same with one of the nics on the card… so i only have two available

    i dont understand why only one of each would work, i have tested this on both appliances i have with the same network card and its the same result... any ideas?

    The motherboard is a Super Micro PDSBM-LN2+
    and the networking card is a duel HP NC110T

    Also a 2nd issue is is i am trying to get the LCD to work which is detected as a Crystalfontz CFA633-USB LCD, i have tried all the combinations of the LCDprc to no avail, has anyone had this model work with LCDproc before?

  • I have had the same issue..
    read this .. I found fix..