Verizon Actiontec as Wifi AP and 2nd switch.

  • Looking for some advice to see what I might be missing.

    Basically I have CAT6 from my Verizon ONT into my pfSense firewall.  From there I have it connected to a gigabit switch.  Off my switch I have some computers.  I also have a cable run to my verizon router to use as a wireless access point and it also needs internet to get guide info for the stbs.  I currently have the cable plugged into my WAN port.  I can get internet through my wireless but seems I can't access my firewall though the wireless router. The actiontec router pulls a ip. I have it set to dhcp between up to 249 for the wireless devices ( I believe this doesn't need done tell me if I am correct) . The local ip for management is set to My pfSense firewall is The IP I get wirelessly gives me a gateway of which is the lan side of the router. What I'm worried about is not being able to communicate to say my printer or or raspberry pi that i have connected through the LAN ports on the actiontec.  I have made sure the firewall settings within the verizon router are set to minimum.

    So basically how do I have it so I can communicate to the other side of the verizon box with the rest of my network.  However still needing to make sure it has the internet for the STBs and also be able to use the additional ports so I don't have to run a bunch of extra cables and just have the one to the verizon box.  Please let me know your thoughts and how I can achieve this, your help is greatly appreciated!

  • I've attached a network drawing of my current layout and configuration if it helps at all.

  • The short answer is: turn off DHCP in the wireless router completely.
    Use pfSense to assign all your DHCP addresses with its internal Service on the LAN interface.

    Unless the wireless router has an explicit WAP mode you can set, just plug the wireless into the LAN side of pfSense via one of the wireless LAN ports.
    Depending on the capabilities of your wireless router, you can either let it get an address via DHCP from pfSense (then set it to a static value in pfSense) or just assign it an internal static address.

    Everything else should be able to get it's DHCP address via pfSense, the WAP will simply pass the requests along.
    All your devices end up on a single LAN network this way.

  • The issue though that I seem to have is when the verizon box doesn't have a wan connection the STBs don't download the guide info.  So I need to have a connection into the wan.  This is the newer actiontec that has gigabit ports on it as well as wireless n and ac on it so I'd like to actually use it.  However again I need it to have internet at the WAN so that the STBs can get its information.

  • Are you me? I'm literally doing the same thing right now hahaha

  • Lol. Well if you run into trouble what I have is the new action technology with gigabit connections and wireless networks and ac.  The easy fix for this was to plug the Lan into the Wan port. Then I added the Wan port to the network setup.  Disabled the dhcp and let poses do it all and it works wonderfully

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