• I'm not the best with networks, but setting up pfSense was a good opportunity for me to get a little better at it. Still, I was under the impression that my WAN IP address was actually my public address. But when I turn on my pfSense box, both my WAN and LAN addresses are in 192.168.1.x form. I know that's how the LAN address is supposed to be, but not the WAN address. Can someone please explain to me what's going on?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Your ADSL/Cable/Whatever modem is handing out a private address to your pfSense. You need to set the ISP supplied modem to bridged mode to get a public IP for pfSense WAN port.

    If your pfSense WAN also gets as it's IP you need to change your pfSense LAN to another subnet like

  • Thanks a lot! I think I get it now  ;D