PfSense Behind PfSense Disable NAT Locally

  • I'm trying to setup a Virtual PfSense that is to be the router for a Virtual Domain implementation.  I want both PfSense (Home Personal and HyperV Personal) to act normally so that both run IPS/IDS and Caching however I want an exception for my local network so that it doesn't NAT when communication is being attempted from my personal network to the Virtual Domain so that machines outside the domain and inside the domain can talk but not lose internet for either or NAT for either when talking outside the home network.  My network is such.
    Internet -> Vmware PfSense Box (Dedicated but I like snapshots during upgrades in case trouble arises) -> Physical Network of machines/IOS/Android and so fourth ( including the single HyperV Host with PfSense in front of VMs (WAN  I just want my Virtual Domain to see the Physical Home Network and Vice Versa but still be protected from the internet.  So far I can't figure out the appropriate settings even with the Firewall and NAT off completely.