Sophos UTM-425

  • I would like the experts here opinion of a reasonable market value for this device..
    I have a soft spot for Sandy Bridge..

  • You can build a haswell box for less money, I would say it wouldn't be worth more than $300-350 (or at least I wouldn't pay more than that)

  • That was what I was thinking..Its not like it has a fancy Xeon 1220LV chip in it..

    Any guesses on the maker??? With the LCD it looks like a Nexcom..

  • This Sophos UTM is at a price from US $616.54 + shipment fee on top! So perhaps you
    have to pay round about ~$650 - $700 and don´t know if you will ever boot pfSense on
    it!!! At this price range you will be able to get your fingers on a real SG-4860 from the
    pfSense store with pre installed pfSense ready to go.

  • Biggest problem with that box is that there is no firmware upgrades available for download. So upgrading the cpu can be iffy.
    The Astaro's will run pfSense fine. Another problem is that these OEM customized versions also come lacking things like the PCIe slot…Its kind of a crap shot.
    Maybe $300-$350 value...He has an "Make Offer" up there and I was considering lowballing him to see if he accepts...

  • Just came across this and I am wondering if you got the 425 and have it up and running? I am considering using a 425 to run pfsense also, I've been using Sophos for years and like it, but its very expensive. So rather than spending 8k on licensing fees I was thinking of switching over. Sophos hardware has held up very well over the years, in my environment at least.

    I would be running SNORT, Squid for basic web filtering, couple VLANs for about 150 users. Basic office type users, nothing really involved except some video streaming on my guest network.

    Is it worth it to try if I can get one of the 425's for $400??

    If anyone else has opinions or input on this, go ahead and chime in please.

  • I did not buy that item.
    $400 seems a tad high for used…

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