PfSense_Dev.7 or pfSense 1.3

  • Hi for all,
    i'm trying to make a devel iso for pfSense devel (the 1.2 beta to download is old) and i have some problems. the bootstrap from site (like used on the dev wiki) is ok. however, when i use the, he's generate the iso. When i try insall, LUA installer display a error saying:

    /usr/local/bin/cpdup -vvv -I -o /conf.default /mnt/conf.default

    FAILED with a return code of 127.

    in log have the WARNING: coldn't open '/var/log/dmesg.boot'

    info: the base is compiled in freebsd 7.0, the build scripts is changed to RELENG_7_0 to compile the right source code. I'm using a vmware to test isos.

  • manually copy cpdup to pfsense binary tree solved the problem.

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