Pfsense does not like the static ip address that my ISP provided.

  • I just built a new pfsense box to replace my store bought router, and I am trying to set my wan interface to the static that my isp provides me and I get an error states "This IPv4 address is the broadcast address and cannot be used." I am at a loss here. I am using the pfsense box now via a dhcp address but would really like to get me static working. Any ideas?

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    Exactly what did your ISP give you and exactly what are you putting into pfSense?

    If you don't want to post your exact IP, you can change the first two octets to something else, say 204.204.  leave the last two exactly as they were given to you.

  • Sounds like a mask problem, if the address is being flagged as the broadcast address.  Generally speaking, there is a Network address, one or more usable IP addresses, then the Broadcast address.

    F'rinstance, on: network, address,, network,,,

  • IP address is x.x.110.175 with a net mask of gateway is x.x.104.1

  • Your setting it up with a x.x.110.175**/21**  right?

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    Right.  You gave us half the information. What did you put into pfSense?

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    I am taking you put in /29 vs /21

    /29 would make the network .168 with broadcast being .175

    so vs

  • Now that you point that out I feel like an idiot. Yea i was using /29 instead of /21.

    Thanks for the help.

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