Routing vlan pfsense

  • Hi all,
    My topo network using pfsense version 2.2.4 - i386:

    Please help me, PC1 ( cannot access to web server (

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    well what is the gateway for

    Did you setup vlans on pfsense?  And you also have a downstream router?  Even even pfsense has 192.168.3 interface your hairpinning.  Do you have a route in pfsense to to talk to router 1?

    Bad setup!! If your going to connect a downstream router it should be on its own transit network.

    So see example drawing attached. 
    So on pfsense route to points to
    Default route on downstream router points to (pfsense)

    Pfsense has interfaces in all your other vlans that are the gateway for the machines in that vlan

  • Is your switch0 in L3 mode or does pfSense do all the routing?

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