• I am suddenly not able to access one single website. I did not change a setting, the site is accessible from other sources, all other sites are still working.

    I am using pfSense 2.0.3, connected to a PPPoE WAN with 2 LANs.

    I tried these tips without success: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Unable_to_Access_Some_Websites

    My Internet provider suggests a MTU problem, but lowering the mtu in WAN settings does not help.

    The site that is not accessible is https://www.onlinecasino.de/

    What else can I try?

  • Can you ping the website?

  • Yes, ping test is successful. Either normal ping as well as tcping:

    C:\temp>tcping.exe www.onlinecasino.de 443
    Probing - Port is open - time=65.285ms
    Probing - Port is open - time=42.727ms
    Probing - Port is open - time=42.741ms
    Probing - Port is open - time=42.678ms
    Ping statistics for
         4 probes sent.
         4 successful, 0 failed.
    Approximate trip times in milli-seconds:
         Minimum = 42.678ms, Maximum = 65.285ms, Average = 48.358ms

  • If it is just that site that is inaccessible, it looks like you have a content filter between your browser and the gambling site.

    The filter is preventing you from getting https or perhaps http access to it.

    Some ISPs around the world filter content for their customers. If the content filter is not in your network then you should ask your ISP if they are blocking gambling sites on your connection.

  • www.Pottingerphoto.com was another website a user of pfsense had problems with.  :)

  • I am using pfSense 2.0.3

    That's pretty old.  You might want to consider upgrading.  That version is full of security bugs that have long since been fixed.

  • @vbentley:

    you should ask your ISP if they are blocking gambling sites on your connection.

    I checked this already. My ISP told me that the problem must be on my side. The site worked for several months and stopped working on last monday.

    Upgrading is difficult because I am remotely logged in via vpn and don't want to risk losing that connection after an unsuccessful update.

  • Try tracerouting the website, from a quick check here, it appears the website is hosted in multiple countries so it will be interesting to see which country you end up in. Its a truly international affair.

    Have you tried accessing the site just using the ip address of the website assuming its not hosting other websites?

  • Traceroute does work, it points to

      5    35 ms    37 ms    35 ms  gi0-0-0-15.nr11.b015760-1.fra06.atlas.cogentco.com []
      6    35 ms    36 ms    35 ms  te0-2-0-10.rcr21.fra06.atlas.cogentco.com []
      7    44 ms    42 ms    36 ms  be2304.ccr41.fra03.atlas.cogentco.com []
      8    38 ms    43 ms    44 ms  as19551.xe-3-0-0.ar1.ams3.nl.as4436.gtt.net []
      9    43 ms    43 ms    43 ms []
    Ablaufverfolgung beendet.

    Accessing this IP directly does'nt work either.

  • Banned

    Works just fine here. With dead pfSense versions, you are pretty much on your own.