Single static IP WAN for hosting multiple website

  • I need some expert help on how to have this accomplished with the package add-on mod_security+apache+proxy. Currently I'm on pfSense version 2.2.4 with rules and NAT configured to resolve a single website from my internal web-server. Now I would like to host more websites using this add-on but so far im not successful in doing so. I may need to change my current layout to allow the other websites to resolve but I do not know where to start. Any helpful advice is welcomed.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I'm no Apache genius, but isn't it a simple matter of just pointing your various domains to the one IP address and then using Apache's virtual hosts to manage all the different sites?

  • Thats pretty much what I would like to do. The question is can it be done with the package available in pfSense or should I setup another server for that? Also would I need to point it to the firewall local IP for the apache package instead of a server doing the reverse proxy? Almost a step by step would be helpful if possible. Thanks for your comment.

  • Setup your Apache server behind pfSense and then port-forward 80 and 443.

  • So what you are saying if I understand your reply correctly, ditch the idea of using the pfSense mod package and just setup another server with apache on it. Create all my virtual hosts with different ports each? also a local host file to direct the incoming pfsense forwards to each static internal IP of the different web-servers?

    I have done this 8 years ago and its not fresh in my head anymore but I thought the built-in package would be simpler.. less typing.. more point and click. Less server resources for a dedicated proxy server since my pfsense server is on a dedicated non-virtualized 1U with enough resources.

    Okay that is the old way I did before and may think of doing it that way if no one knows how to do it the way I would prefer done. Seems difficult to find any help regarding this package and setting it up other then it saying "host multiple websites with 1 IP".

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    This package is to act as (reverse proxy). NOT to run webserver on pfSense. Also, there is a dedicated subforum for packages.

  • I never stated or was trying to accomplish having both reverse and hosting performed by pfSense, only reverse proxy. Please read carefully otherwise this topic could become something entirely different. Thank you for your well intentioned thought. I think I have found something however that I can use in setting what I need up with the package directly, yes NOT with trying to have pfSense hosting the sites even though I do see you could do that if you really wanted to with another package.

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    You shouldn't need any packages on pfSense for that. Just forward the DNS entries for the website(s) to your web server then configure your web server how you want it (freeBSD, apache, mods, etc). If using apache, use vhosts to direct the urls (forwarded from DNS) to the correct web directories on the server.

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    You don't need multiple ports.  Search for Apache Virtual Hosts using your favorite search engine.  Also called name-based virtual hosts.

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