• I have a new installation from CD to my mac mini. This unfortunately is the hardware I have available to make this work at the moment.

    Once the machine boots up it gets to the ASCII pfSense page and says "Autoboot in 1 seconds. [Space] to pause" with a | and a blinking underscore under it. If i press enter the machine loads without issue.

    The issue is that I don't want to have to press enter on the machine every time that the machine reboots or starts.

    This is from the latest 2.2.4 iso downloaded from the website.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Which model Mac Mini?  I have a spare and if it's the same model I'll do the install myself to see if I can recreate the issue or find a workaround.

  • Hi Tim,

    It's a Mid 2010 unibody with a cd drive. Core 2 duo with 8gb of ram

    Thanks for looking into it.


  • I think I have the same one.  Give me a couple of days to set it up.