IPv6 on LAN just can't get it going

  • Testing with a pfSense lab on a server I have in a datacenter. Host assigns me a /64 on the WAN which pfSense grabs a IPv6 address via DHCP or when I set it statically. Ping out to ipv6 addresses from the pfSense WAN works fine. However I can't get addresses on the LAN

    I've tried the following

    -DHCP6 option set
    Prefix delegation size: 64
    Send prefix hint

    -Track interface interface set to WAN
    prefix ID: 0

    rebooted pfSense, ipv6 gateway shows pending, after cycling ipv6 settings to off then apply them again, gateway goes Online. I do have gateway manually entered. It is the first address in the /64 block.

    LAN client's don't get IPv6 at all. Firewall rules are at their defaults for LAN which includes to IPv6 to any rule.

    I'm getting the following in the logs,

    radvd[18645]: attempting to reread config file
    Aug 21 21:33:58 radvd[18645]: sendmsg: Can't assign requested address
    Aug 21 21:33:58 radvd[18067]: no auto-selected prefix on interface vmx1, disabling advertisements
    Aug 21 21:33:58 radvd[18067]: IPv6 forwarding seems to be disabled, but continuing anyway.
    Aug 21 21:33:58 radvd[18067]: IPv6 forwarding setting is: 0, should be 1
    Aug 21 21:33:58 radvd[18067]: version 1.9.1 started

    it seems to repeat that commonly. Any ideas? I'm pretty new to v6 so bare with me!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    System > Advanced, Networking Tab, is "Allow IPv6" checked?

  • Indeed it is. It comes enabled by default these days I thought. I never had to turn it on.

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