New install to hd

  • hi i installd 1.2 to my hd on seprate computer,it only pick up 2 network cards ive set it all up etc ,but thir is a problem i need 4 network cards i only have 2
    do i have to do full install gain to add 2 extra network cards,
    and wen i installd 1.2 only 2 of 4 cards came up on list rl0 and vr0 other 2 mismatch but my cards are on list ,.thay are x2 d-link dfe-530tx ive seen them on list but dont show up so do i have to do full install to add new cards

  • i´m not sure, that i have to understand your question correctly but for the first help take a look at ths thread,1721.msg9949.html#msg9949

  • Did you assign the cards?
    interfaces –> assign

  • What is your native language?


    @martinuk: I'm not sure if you got the message. But i'll repeat it again for you:

    It's pretty annoying if you dont even try to write like a normal person would.
    Maybe the part of the internet where you normally are accepts your kind of "written language".
    But this is forum about a technical subject. Slang has no place here.
    It's complicated enought without having to trying to decipher what someone wrote.
    Especially because all the people here that are helping do so in their free time.
    If you expect us to help you, we expect you to help us understand you.

    So please try to write in a way that we can read it if you are capable of that, or let it be.

  • I have read this (your) thread… what should i say

  • i am from england >stoke on trent
    ok ill say it gain ive done install i have 4 network cards ,
    2 work other 2 dont,however thay are on list
    the 2 cards that arnt working are d-link dfe-530tx

    now if u cant read that i dont know wot to say any person who speaks english with understand that,

    were u guys from germany or somewere

  • I have to say, that either you're barely a teenager, badly dyslexic, or you've failed to learn the language.  I've lived in the UK my entire life (and can trace back an entirely UK family history for hundreds of years) and I have to struggle to understand your postings.  Your most recent posting is certainly better, but since you keep using "text speak" (ie, "u" instead of "you"), mix your words up ("with" instead of "would") and have failed to grasp the use of punctuation or capitals, it makes your postings near incomprehensible.  As others have said, if you expect us to help you, you have to make an effort to write in a way that others can understand.

    Now, as to your question, when you say the DFE-530TX cards don't work, are they:

    a) displayed during the BIOS screens
    b) displayed if you type "dmesg" from a command prompt
    c) shown by "ifconfig -a" from a command prompt

  • 0k m8 thanks i never went to school allways in trouble for fighting etc.
    anyways ive set it all up i have 3 network cards and 2x20mb virgin cable modems
    i want to use load ballamce on them both ive set install up and am on

    OPT1  –->VR0 ------>NONE
    WAN------>RL0 -----> XXXXXXX  <ip  {dhcp}<br="">LAN ------>DC0 ---->DCO



  • @Cry:

    Now, as to your question, when you say the DFE-530TX cards don't work, are they:

    a) displayed during the BIOS screens
    b) displayed if you type "dmesg" from a command prompt
    c) shown by "ifconfig -a" from a command prompt

  • I went out to my m8 pc shop and got new card it works great. ive installd it all need need help setting everythin up. i want to use 2 cable modems on load balance
    i do have 6x20mb cable modems but ive only got 3 network cards in my pc
    so can ya give me link how to set it all up for load balance etc plzz

  • Maybe if you looked at the pfSense site and then followed the Documentation link to the Tutorials page:

    or even the developers Wiki:

    Both of which have links to documents that could help you.

  • Sorry to bova u am stuck on this bit
    in the Monitor IP box, put the IP address of a host upstream from the router that can be polled (via tcp socket) to ensure link is up

    do i put my modem ip  at the Monitor IP box
    do i add that to pool twice ?
    am bit of noob to all this

  • You would add, for each pool, an IP on that link (hint, not the modem) that is in your path (like your default gateway).

    I strongly suggest that you read the Tutorial on and the documents it links to.

  • in the box thir was dns 1 and dns 2 with 192 ips

  • What box?  I'm good, but my crystal ball is in for repairs ;)

    Note that 192.168.x.x IP addresses are RFC1918 (aka "private") IP addresses and will not be the DNS servers for your Virgin Media cable modems.  I'd suggest you read through the various documents and postings in the Dual WAN forum (and start a new thread there) - I've never done this so anything I advise is just educated guesswork.

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