Is there a way to not auto failback with CARP

  • If the master box comes back online while failed over to the backup firewall is there a way to not have it become master again. I don't it to fail back automatically. I want it to stay failed over until I manually tell it to fail back.

  • I dont think this is possible.

    But the node with the lowest advertising frequency will be master.
    So you could per default have the master on lets say 4 and the slave on 5.
    <– 4 is master, 5 is slave

    If the master goes down the slave takes over.
    <-- 5 is master

    Now before you connect up the new box you set it to 6.
    So you have to set it manually to 4 to take over.
    <-- 5 is master, 6 is backup
    manually change to
    <-- 4 is master, 5 is backup

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