Attempting to fetch Organizational Units from failed

  • Hello everyone

    I been trying to connect my pfsense box to a Windows AD server

    I set it all up fallowing some tutorials form the internet and it keeps failing…

    if i click on the select tab it shows
    Could not connect to the LDAP server. Please check your LDAP configuration.

    if I go in the setting and test page it passes the first two tests and fails on the third

    Attempting connection to 192.168.XX.XX    OK
    Attempting bind to 192.168.XX.XX  OK
    Attempting to fetch Organizational Units from 192.168.XX.XX  failed

    i tried several different options on the "Authentication containers", but they all fail

    I have no more idea what could be wrong :(

  • have you followed this?

    also, openvpn questions should goto the openvpn sub-forum