Remote access through failover WAN

  • Hey Guys!

    I think this is an easy one and I am missing something, but I am not able to make this work:

    I have 2 wan connections, both are in a wan group with one set as Tier1 and the other as Tier2. The problem I am having is being able to access the router remotely on both WAN connections. I can access it without issue on my Tier1 connection which also has the "default gateway" option set, but nothing from the Tier2 connection.

    My thought was that it was forwarding the reply out the Tier1 interface thus not making it's way back to me?

    I tried adding some policy routing to make things work:
    In-interface: Tier2WAN
    Dst-protocol ICMP
    Dst-address=Tier2WAN address
    Gateway: Tier2WAN

    But still nothing. Is there another setting I should be setting, or not have the default gateway flagged?

    Thanks so much!

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