Local DNSserver - primary DNS offline (ATV3)

  • Hello.
    I have a plexconnect DNS server to use with my apple TV and it uses DNS so I have configured the ATV with 2 DNS IP addresses under the DHCP config, but the AppleTV don't have a secondary DNS so when the plexconnect service don't work my AppleTV don't work. It don't get any content from the web and hangs some times.. :(

    What I would like is when the primary DNS don't respond, it get replaced by the secondary, is this possible to do with pfsense?

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    huh?  why don't you just point your devices to pfsense.  You can have it forward to multiple dns, or just have it be a resolver.  If pfsense is down you prob have more issues than just dns – like internet down.

  • Ok, I need to read about those, don't understand how I setup different DNS records for a single host on the network when clicking enabling the DNS resolver…
    Thanks, I will google it.

  • The Forwarder/Resolver uses whatever DNS you entered in System - General - DNS Servers.  Enter all your DNS there and pfSense will query them in parallel.

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    if using resolver (unbound) then it resolves using roots and authoritative servers it does not out of the box forward to anything it is a resolver, not a forwarder.  It uses root.hints and then walks the tree asking the authoritative servers for whatever your looking for.

    why do you need to setup different dns for hosts?  Why can not all machines/devices on your network just point to pfsense?  This would be handed out via dhcp by default.  Then you setup pfsense to either forward or resolve for you.

    if you need to resolve something local then you use a over ride so you can point anything you want to specific IP via over ride.

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