• We have had two subnets workin for some time. The datacenter no longer wants to use VRRF for new vlans and we need more IPs. They say they have routed the network to the WAN IP of our pfsense router, but I can't seem to get any connectivity going.

    I have created a VIP on each firewall inside the network range so I can create CARP entries. I can't figure out what the routes our gateway config setup needs to be since they are just routing the network to me there is no gateway or route settings to be done.

    My specific question is this:

    When a colo-provider is routing a network into my WAN IP address, how do I configure that network for use in pfsense? The old networks used VRRF from the provider so I had a gateway for each and they are up without issue.

    Carrier is routing into my WAN IP of How do I capture and route this network in pfsense?

  • Another way to ask this is:

    If the default gateway for the first network was, and my firewalls IP is, and they are routing the new network of to my IP, do I use the default gw for routing traffic back out on the new network?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Do you want to use this new subnet for services hosted on pfSense, 1:1 NAT, port forwards, or actual hosts?

  • This turned out to be an access list issue with the data center provider. The had setup using VRRF prior to discovering the issue, so we're still using it but odds are it would have worked fine as configured.

    I guess we'll shift to the new configuration when we upgrade the hardware pfsense is running on.