Errors when remote access to database server

  • HI, I have two company sites linked by leased line and in my pfsense with static route

    site 1 : subnet
    site 2 : subnet

    when access remotely to another site to database (sybase  ) appear two errors message ….

    case 1 : when connect after 1 minutes appear this message and the connection disconnect "" network packet layer :internal net library library operation terminated due to disconnect ""

    case 2 : when save any data on remotely server appear  this message ""  ct_cmd_all0c(): user api layer:external error :the connection has

    been marked dead no change made to database " ...

    case 3 :  if set gateway of router (leased line)  connect to another site manually in network card ( my pc in site 1 ) connect perfect without any errors

    Thanks ....

  • HI

  • It seems that the connection state times out.

    You can enlarge the timeout value in the respective firewall rule in the advanced options. Maybe you have to do this on both sides.

  • Thanks for replay

    Please explain how do l enlarged the time out value…. Thanks

  • I assume you've set up a special firewall rule to allow database access. Edit this rule, go down to advanced features, click the Advanced button next to "advanced options" to open the settings. In the lowermost field enter the value in seconds you wish, leave all other fields blank.

  • thanks, but all options in Advanced Options blank… mean that  it's disable >>> right?

  • blank means that they are at the predefined default values.

  • thanks, I've work creation new rule ( pass , tcp/udp, src  any  , dest    any) and in Advanced Options  (State Timeout in seconds (TCP only) = 500000 .. that's right  still error message

    and appear new error message when remote desktop on server database in another side i connected to another site good but after 5 second show this message  ( your remote desktop session has ended the connection to the remote computer was lost possibly due to network connectivity problems )

    (in another site i don't have pfsense server )

  • Hi