How to get packages for v1.2.3?

  • I have one specific installation with this old one version

    when I try to get packages list I get "Unable to communicate to Please check DNS, default gateway, etc."

    of course, all "DNS, default gateway, etc." is fine and working, IPV6 is not enabled, and all packages is online at:

    but I think, that in '/etc/inc/' string:

    "xmlrpcbaseurl" => ""

    and maybe:

    "xmlrpcpath" => "/pfSense/xmlrpc.php",

    is not correct

  • Time to leave the stone age and upgrade to a maintained version.

  • Whoa… that's what I started with back in 2009!  Time to re-install.  I'm not even sure I would trust an upgrade to v2.2.4 from way back there.... :)

    Do yourself a favor... document your NAT's, rules, routes, etc and do a fresh re-install and re-configure.

  • I agree, upgrade to 2.2.4.

    But don't upgrade.  Assuming you have a standard PC install, go grab a unused HDD.  Do a full backup of the existing configuration for your 1.2.3 install.  Shutdown the firewall, pull the old HDD, label it and store it.

    Put your new HDD in, install 2.2.4 AMD64 (if you can) and restore your configuration to it.  You'll lose your historical RRD data with the move from 32 bit to 64 bit.  But you need to do that at some point and this is an obvious cut over time.

    Doing it this way ensure if something stuffs up you can spend 10 minutes putting the old HDD in and you're back to where you were, while you figure out what stuffed up and how to resolve it.

    If your existing hardware can't do AMD64, go get new stuff and then follow the above.  After all it's reasonable to assume that your hardware is as old as the software.

    Just make sure you have a real effective backout plan.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We shut down packages for 1.2.3 quite some time ago (February or so of this year) – It's way beyond time for that to be upgraded or replaced with something current.

  • I understood arguments, but… I am very sad  :-\

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