Tool to measure bandwidth and packet loss across wireless bridge.

  • I am looking for a tool which can measure Latency, Packet Loss, and Throughput for a wirless bridge.  I am looking for a tool which is easy to use and hopefully free.  By easy I mean either it is an application which gets installed on a PC or if linux/BSD/or other opensource solution it is as simple as inserting a bootable CD and running the app between 2 locations.  I would hope I will also be able to gather statistics for a 12 hour period that I could use to generate a report.


  • I dont see how this is related to pfSense.

    Or do you mean you want such an application on top of pfSense?
    Are the RRD graphs not enough?
    Also there was just recently a thread about something similar:,9321.msg52804.html#msg52804

  • Sorry forgot about the other general forum…...

    Posted this at Experts-exchange but have not gotten an answer and I am under the gun to get this done today.

    That tool seems to be a non windows solution so I will have to keep searching.

    Thanks for the effort.


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