Inbound Internet Routing (Solved)

  • Hi I’m a pfSense novice and would welcome any assistance you good people could provide regarding the routing of incoming internet traffic. I’ve successfully established internet access for 5 departments running VLans on the LAN port and associated switch. I now want to provide all 5 departments with a fixed IP address for dial-up connections inbound.

    Our ISP has provided us with:

    LAN IP Address network range:
    LAN IP Address subnet mask:
    Router gateway IP address:

    I have configured pfSense as follows:

    WAN Interface:
    LAN Interface:
    OPT Interfaces for VLans e.g., etc. is my test Vlan and has web services running on a test host @ This has been tested within the Vlan. ICMP has a pass rule on the WAN port and my test Virtual IP can be pinged on XXX.XXX.XXX.205.

    Can anyone suggest the simplest method of routing between the WAN/VIP and the relevant VLan/Host. I have read what seems to me to be the relevant sections of the pfSense Guide and can provide details of my efforts so far on request. I’m not looking for anyone to spend time helping me, when I’ve not put in the effort myself.

    I'm also not sure where the problem lies and so have posted to General Questions.

    Many Thanks

  • This any good?

    Youtube Video

  • Thanks for the link. The recommended video did provide links to more sophisticated scenarios, but none yet reflect my particular circumstances.

    It has however clarified the forum area that I need to post to (probably NAT), so thanks for that and regards to Dr Strangelove?


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