Possible to change back to the default IP?

  • Hello Community,

    after I installed pfsense on my system it choose the default LAN IP of Back at that time I changed it to something else, since my router already had that IP. Now I want to exchange my router with pfsense and therefore change the ip of pfsense back to but it tells me everytime that this ip is already in use. Even after I have completly disconnected pfsense from everything, it still tells me that this Ip is already in use. Is there some option to see which ips are in use on pfsense? All my interfaces have a different Ip and the Firewall isn´t even connected to anything at all, when I try to change the ip. Is it in use by the default settings?

  • Have you rebooted the firewall while disconnected before trying to change the IP? Have you checked any possible virtual IPs? Have you checked your aliases? Have you tried running 'ifconfig' from a command-line to get a list of all the IPs defined on your system? Have you checked to see if your firewall rules are using any explicit addresses, such as the LAN address?

  • Thanks for your reply. Ifconfig will be usefull in the future. I just configured my whole network in order to give pfsense a new ip that should work.

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