Addional WAN subnet trough same WAN connection - VIP/IP Alias? - SOLVED

  • Hi,

    Got from my ISP an extra, routed subnet /29. How to get this work?

    Current setup is:

    • Server with multiple NIC's and Pfsense 2.2.4
    • WAN via PPPoE/VLAN6 (Fiber)
    • Single ext WAN IP 80.100.x.x
    • The additional /29 subnet is offered routed trough the same pipe, they say.
        (New subnet is: 80.127.x.x/29)
    • I own the Pfsense book 2.1, but can't find there something to solve this with it

    What I have done/tried:
    I have added Virtual IP's as IP Aliases /32.

    • Tried to use it in 1:1 NAT 
        ==> ExtIP/VIP to local IP)  This blocks somewhere…
    • Tried to do AON - Advanced Outbound NAT
        ==> WAN local_IP * * * VIP * NO      This blocks somewhere...


    • How to get it to work with 1:1 NAT single local IP, and AON with /24 LAN subnet
    • Should current working firewall rules being updated? Have now ==> LAN IPv4 * local_single_IP * * * * none
    • I suspect that FW rules do not accept or recognize the new subnet IP's somehow ==> "Default deny rule IPv4"
    • Is "IP alias" the right VIP to use?
    • Some people have added an extra WAN gateway for all this, tried this but then my current GW seems to disappear.
        And some pro's here suggested that this is not needed in 2.1/2.2 anymore... Extra GW or not?

    I have used /29 subnet before, but then as main WAN IP subnet. Working fine. Not as addional Subnet besides single WAN IP.

  • Reboot of server did the job.
    ISP did not release the subnet untill a restart of WAN via PPPoE.

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