Solved: No traffic through VPN

  • I am a rookie pfSense user and I followed the instructions on to setup my pfSense VPN. The client PC with Windows 8 seems to connect to the firewall. The virtual IP address is listed in ipconfig.

    And now the problem: I cannot ping from the client PC to any IP address on the server side.

    These are the specifics; = client pc = gateway = router = virtual address issued by firewall = firewall WAN = firewall LAN = destination pc

    • the firewall rule for IPSec IP4 * * * * * none is applied and active.

    • a ping (utility in the firewall webinterface) from the firewall to works

    • a ping from to works

    • a ping from the client pc to works

    • a ping from the client pc to fails

    • a ping from the client pc to fails

    I hope someone can shed some light on this.

    Many thanx in advance !


  • It was a plain and simple routing problem on the client PC.
    As soon as I added the route;

    • route -p add mask

    It works like a charm now !

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