Need a quiet 40x28 fan :( any ideas

  • Hi Guys

    ordered my case: 1u case for a1sri board. I got the super micro case that goes with that board. It says I can order additional fan holders which hold 40x40 x28 mm fans. I just don't want it sounding like a jet engine. I don't see it running that hot but think I should at least have one or two fans in it. Thoughts on running fanless? what fan could I get that is relatively quiet?

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  • big fans make little noise for X_ammount of air passing/time, small fans make lots of noise if you want them to pass same X_ammount of air passing/time.
    if you find a slow running-small fan, that doesn't move a lot of air, then it'll be quiet.

    1u equipement is made to sound like a jet engine …. its the only excitement us geeks get ;)

  • @drpete12:

    … that is relatively quiet?

    Not one, but several units parallel with a rpm < 1000 (1500).

  • Be careful, I think the supermicro fan frames don't fit with other fans?

  • I ordered two of those super micro fan holders. I also ordered 2 fans of the same measurement as the fan holders call for. Knowing super micro watch my fans won't fit. I hope they do or I will have to rig it somehow. Thanks guys

    ps. I went with 6000 rpm fan (got it from frozenpc) can't remember the brand but supposed to be good. that was the quietest I could find. Don't know if there is some sort of resistor or something I could put in line that would drop the rpm though

  • Hello, we were replacing all our smaller fans in Switches against Sunon fans, they are often cheap to get,
    quite and running without problems, perhaps you will be able to get some also in your area.

  • Hi Frank

    I already ordered the cooljag fans. When then come i will post how they fit the super micro fan holder so that others in the future will know. I hope they are quiet. if not I will do that resistor post from previous post. i am so excited to get this thing built. I have watched almost every youtube video on pfsense out there :)

    I am sure i will come across some hiccups with install and setup but this is a great forum and so many are helpful

    Thanks again, and will keep you guys posted

  • Check out the pfsense IRC, It's great for quick help if you get stuck during setup.

    Are the fans you ordered 4pin pwm fans?

  • 3 pin cooljag

  • Looks like you've ordered this but for future reference I've had alot of success with the Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPro line.

  • Thanks. Mine just came in the mail today. They look nice. If these make too much noise I'll try those.  Just waiting on super micro fan holders and then I have everything for my build. Let the frustration of install begin :)

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