Installing 2.1.5 full install on APU1d4

  • somehow i cant get it installed

    memstick 2.1.5
    latest bios update of apu1d4

    =boot on the usb installer with speed 115200
    =press F10 and selected the installer
    =shows the / sign that usually shows its booting on pfsense. (i know that once it boots pfsense, 2.1.5 will switch to 9600)
    =switch to serial speed 9600 but doesnt show any activity

    =2.2.4 full install was always successful…only reason to revert back to 2.1.5 is to work with squidguard .
    =2.1.5 nano install also was also successful

  • Banned

    …did you manage to get this going?

  • sir no luck…

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