• I would decide to learn programming right in the middle of a major compiler changeover…

    Anybody battling issues on the switch? GCC has been around forever.

    Bought a beaglebone to learn embedded programming. Wrote my first real program with GTK/Anjuta/Glade crosscompiled it and tried to run it on beagleboard only to find out FreeBSD doesn't support HDMI output of the beagleboard. Only has serial output via the debug port....weak.... I was doing a simple fixed display project....

  • Well I guess I am lucky I used Open Source toolkit and can easily carry over to Debian or Arch…

  • Definitely some differences there, though I haven't encountered any issues there personally (granted, I'm largely compiling FreeBSD and associated components and not compiling my own code).

    Yeah the HDMI out isn't supported yet in FreeBSD. It may be in 11-CURRENT now, don't recall for sure. Doesn't seem like it judging by this.

    But yeah, Linux would be best for now if you need to use the HDMI, and/or are struggling with clang.

  • Thanks, I forgot to try FreeBSD11/Head images. I was not trying to be a hater. I should have read the FreeBSD BBB Wiki. It was from January and I was hoping 10.2 would work for me… I know HDMI output is pushing it for an embedded 50 Dollar board, but the Debian LXDE desktop on the eMMC works nicely. I was blown away by hooking it to a Windows box via usb client port -the WebGUI and IDE -Cloud9-is very slick. I am trying to boot FreeBSD off SD for now to preserve eMMC. Waiting on a TTL cable.

  • Just a small side note from someone who's played with and made a (very) little money on embedded pieces - don't be afraid to try different environments.

    It's great when you can set yourself up with all the tools you need to experiment and accomplish jobs - in a single environment (FreeBSD, Linux, what have you).

    My personal experience has been that if you want to be flexible enough to handle any thing you throw at yourself don't get locked in to one environment because it's "safe".
    The beauty of the OpenSource world we live in is that it gives you options and even new ways of thinking that can provide and be very powerful tools if you're willing to change with them.

    Closer to your problems at hand, I'd vote +1 for getting your feet wet in the Linux environment(s).
    By and large they're all reasonably easy to get started these days and the skills you have already picked up will carry over in many cases.

    Change can be hard, but deciding that change is necessary is the toughest part of that and I think your already there…

    And finally - Google is your friend  :)

  • Thanks for the advice…I think I will be keeping my day job a while it seems...

    CLANG was a stupid thread title as it should have be GTK+ arggg..

    When i moved up to 10.2-Release from RC3 it seems GTK versions were messing with Anjuta.. Somehow I have both GTK+2.9 and GTK+3.0.  I am guessing Mate and KDE use different versions. With a MATE only install it complains about GTK3>2.9.10...Install KDE and it works...Still only 5 gigabyte install, with sources ports and docs..
    I am finding Anjuta to be good for begginers. Seems to be very versatile..

    What is the smallest programming method to display graphical dials or gauges on a static display? No user interaction just information. I want efficient. Preferably without Xorg.

    I see Framebuffer drawing method?? SDL is looking good too.

  • Decided to dump the whole Mate/KDE affair and go with the lightweight Xfce. I have installed FreeBSD 10.2 about 6 times in 2 days just trying all different configs. I really liked Mate, It had the right amount of system installed programs. KDE had pissed me off at KAlgebra and KGeometry…..No wonder it is a 4 gig install. They do have a PPP client for the GUI, unlike GTK. Install KPPP on Mate and watch it explode...

  • Banned

    Yeah, been using Xfce for years (Mint Debian Edition with Debian's unstable branch and pretty much nothing of Mint left beyond some eye-candy).  ;D Pretty much one of the few DEs left whose devs have not gone totally insane.

  • Yup, +1 for Xfce.
    Stop wading through "pretty" junk and get something done….

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