Static IPv6 from Time Warner problems

  • We have a Time Warner fiber connection and they recently assigned us a static /48 of 2600:5C01:XXXX::, but I cannot get it to work.  I don't know if it's my incompetence or theirs, it's a toss up at this point (although it's probably mine).

    They told me the gateway was 2600:5C01:XXXX::1 on their router, and I'm using 2600:5C01:XXXX::2/64 on the pfsense WAN interface.  I've assigned 2600:5C01:XXXX:2::1/64 for the LAN interface, and I've assigned a couple of machines static addresses in that prefix.  If I use traceroute on pfsense using the WAN as the source address, it works fine.  Using the LAN interface does not, and just results in time-outs across the board (1  * * *) until it reaches max number of hops.  Doing a traceroute from my home to what should be my computer at work results in this:

      3    23 ms    19 ms     9 ms  2605:a000:0:4::4:14f
      4    16 ms    24 ms    21 ms  2605:a000:0:4::4:454f
      5    14 ms    15 ms    13 ms  2605:a000:0:4::4:4008
      6    26 ms    21 ms    19 ms  2605:a000:0:4::4:4548
      7   161 ms   134 ms   200 ms  2605:a000:0:4::f:471
      8     *        *     Destination host unreachable.

    It seems to me that if it were configured correctly at TW's side, I would at least make it to that 2600:5C01:XXXX::1 address that is on their equipment, but they said that wasn't the case and that it's probably just my router setup that is wrong, and I don't know enough about it to argue.

    Do I need to set up some sort of route in pfSense to get this to work, or is something configured incorrectly on TW's side?  Their "Tier 4 Support" is basically useless, as their IPv6 knowledge is basically "Oh yeah, I've heard about that.  You're the first person who's ever asked about it", and you can't speak directly with anyone higher that actually knows something, so it's a prolonged game of phone calls back and forth from the Tier 4 guys, me, and the higher beings at TW.

    I've set up IPv6 a couple of times before using pfSesne.  Once was using a tunnel, and once was using a static setup someplace else (not Time Warner).  I don't feel completely stupid about the topic, but I surely don't know enough to figure out what's wrong, obviously.  Please help?

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