Dhcp vlan support in 1.3?

  • Will version 1.3 support multiple vlans for dhcp requests?

    This topic has the details of what I want:

    Basically I have a single firewall with multiple subnets  for my network.  I will use Procurve or Cisco's "Ip helper" command to forward dhcp requests from my managed hubs to the pfsense firewall.    This allows me to only have 1 dhcp server serve up addresses for my entire network.

    In the past I've done this using a linux box and dnsmasq (the same dhcp server that is being used in pfsense) and it has worked very well.  It would be very nice to have this feature supported.

    I haven't tried to use the patch suggested on the topic as I really would like to configure it via the gui.

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