GitHub preview feature has become useless

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    Anyone observing this lately? It just doesn't show the diff preview at all , or shows the whole file as changed? It started misbehaving like this after the latest DDoS incident (see Aug 25, 2015 on the GitHub System Status page.)


    Hmmm… does not seem to even show file changes properly now on larger files in the "Files changed" feature on PRs:

    1,536 additions, 1,611 deletions not shown

    :( ???

  • It displays fine for me. Note that the whole of etc, usr… was put under a src folder a couple of days ago. That made every existing pull request have merge conflicts. But still those old PRs are showing the "files changed" diffs OK.

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    Hmmmm… I submitted a bunch of packages stuff (that wasn't move anywhere) and I wanted some visual hints about the context of some of the changes before doing a PR, so tried to use the GitHub preview for that... The preview didn't work at all, showed the original file all red, the new all green (-> useless). Now it somehow shows like it used to for some smaller stuff... The bigger files, still nothing.

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