Avahi with dynamic IPv6 gives counting hostname-N

  • Avahi has an issue with IPv6 temporary addresses (e.g. IPv6 with privacy extension). Whenever a host changes one of its IPv6, avahi detects a hostname conflict and has a chance to lose its fight against an actually non-existing other host. Then, the avahi changes the hostname to hostname-2, incrementing the number with each conflict lost. Google gives some hits on this, e.g. https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=780981

    As a workaround for me, I disabled IPv6 for avahi on pfsense (and all my linux hosts. OSX seems have fixed the same symptoms with 10.10 again). The WUI switch relates to use-ipv6=no and disables avahi's IPv6 socket. However, avahi still publishes IPv6 addresses on its IPv4 socket. To get avahi completely IPv4-only, I set in avahi-daemon.conf (on all hosts) to the following:

    publish-aaaa-on-ipv4=NO  <==

    Since then, avahi works nicely and my hostnames are stable. May I ask to make this option configurable on the WUI as well?

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    However, avahi still publishes IPv6 addresses on its IPv4 socket.

    And the issue with that is exactly what? That's upstream default.

  • With aaaa over IPv6, I have "counting" hostnames, if I make use of temporary IPv6. Without aaaa over IPv6, the hostnames remain stable.

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    What I'm asking is what issues are you having with the publish-aaaa-on-ipv4 thing?

  • It seems to me that avahi has an issue with changing IPv6 addresses, regardless of whether it gets notified of the hostname-IPv6 info via IPv6 socket or IPv4 socket.

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    Do you have enough options there?  ::) https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense-packages/pull/1030

  • that's perfect, many thanks

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