Get statistics without login?

  • Hello!

    Is it possible to configure to allow to fetch these pages without a login?


    Or in any other way (a package?) get that information without login. Bandwith + cpu + memory usage.

    I think SNMP would be an option but that brings quite a lot of overhead.
    Best would be a call that returns json :)

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    Would need to forge the cookies (there's some old code floating around, search…) At that point, SNMP sounds a whole lot better.

  • Problem is, I want to get the data into an iphone-app…
    Doing a http-get is piece of cake, doing a SNMP-call, I have no idea how.
    Also I tried using some sort of snmp-walk software for windows, and it returned hundred, if not thousands of rows from Pfsense, seems to be quite a steep threshold in learning how SNMP works...

    Now onto the good news : I ugly-hacked it!
    It was as easy as going into the php-file and uncomment this row:

    That seems to bypass the whole auth-system.
    No idea what other issues this may cause tho :O

    Follow-up question:
    It doesnt seem that the interface bandwidth speeds are reported in any of these outputs?
    Do I need to do consecutive calls to ifstats.php and calclulate the speeds myself?

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