[SOLVED] Penalty IP works only 15 minutes?

  • I have very strange problem with penalty IPs and uTorrent.

    I have completed traffic shaper wizard and set as Penalty IPs alias "LowSpeedPcs" ( and
    It works just fine on full load with uTorrent… but only for 15 minutes. Then slowly qPenaltyUp traffic is moved to qwandef and qPenaltyDown is moved to qlandef...

    This is very strange behavior. I make some rules change (set Penalty IP rules on top, make a rule with IP, not alias etc.) but nothing helps. After resetting states, restarting both firewall and workstations nothing helps - uTorrent downloads and uploads at maximum speed after first 15 minutes.

    I just do not know how to trace the problem...

  • I think that problem is in UPnP… I have UPnP enabled and may be this is the reason why Penalty IP works for 10 to 15 minutes... This is the usual time to activate UPnP port. So UPnP traffic is not shaped at all.

    Will be this fixed in pfSense 1.3?

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