Just a quick connection with 2 PC based routers

  • Hi,

    I own an internet cafe with 5 gaming isp's and another 3 isp for surfing. The 3 surfing ISP's i believe is not enough for the # of clients in the cafe. My cafe is using kerio control to distribute all the connections with their respective traffic rules.

    Now what I did is that, I used an old PC added some more nics (6 total) and transferred the 3 surfing ISP's there for load balancing and squid web cache. I got everything to work properly. My problem is that I am using pfsense at home and when I am downloading using utorrent, internet download manager and steam, both my internet connection at home combines when using said applications. But in my internet cafe, the case is not the same. Why is that? Does the kerio control remove the multiple connection of the apps?

    I know load balancing does not means it will combine the internet speeds. But in some instances in the said apps, they do combine due to the multiple connections.

    My setup at the cafe is like this:


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