Websites are hit and miss

  • I just got pfSense up and running on my network, and it appears to be working well in some cases. Im behind it right now actually, and I can get onto google and a good number of sites, but there is also a good number of sites that simply don't work, the connections just dont go through. I try pinging these addresses that dont work (,,, to name a few) from the WAN interface and i get no responses. At first I thought it was a DNS issue, but the names resolve fine through nslookup. I tried just using the IP, and it still didnt connect. I have the pfSense router behind another router, and all connections off that router work fine - I can get through easily.

    In summary:

    pfSense 1.2 PC - static IP
    behind a USR8054 (US Robotics) router (WAN gateway)
    google and this site and other sites work, but many others do not examples: (,,

    To me its a very strange problem and I cant seem to find any distinction between sites that do work and sites that don't work. Thanks in advance for any help.

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