$18.99 Intel i350-T4

  • almost certainly a cheap knockoff - wouldn't recommend it.

    see the original pcb on intel website here: http://ark.intel.com/products/59063/Intel-Ethernet-Server-Adapter-I350-T4#@productimages

    big differences in silkscreen & probably not so identical components.

  • It is indeed a knock off, but I am glad you posted, as I ordered 3 of them.  I have a couple of the official Intel units I am using for ESXI, and I got another one from china for $65 which was either the real thing or such a great knock off that I couldn't see the difference.  When I ordered the $65 one I thought I was getting a knock off and was surprised.  I am now curious how well these will work, since they are going into non-critical units that I use for stress testing they will work great for me!

    At the moment the cheapest 2 port cards i can get are around $15-$20 so a quad port is great for $20!

  • The Brand of the card is: LiteArk, so it could be produced with original Intel Chips on likes HotLava
    is doing also! So it could be a cheap shot and good deal for sure.

    It must not be looking likes the original Intel cards because LiteArk was not using the reference design.

  • Bought one here as well - wonder if it'll actually work or end up as a (incredibly poor and relatively expensive) shim for a crooked table or a washing machine. I'll report in after I put it through its paces.

    I'll put it in my home VM lab box, see how it behaves and if it'll survive - I found people reporting the non-Delta-chip variants were simply dying on their own after a few months.

    As for the cheap Chinese knockoffs - a friend bought such from ebay as well, but in $65 range…..he got the card with Delta chips and Intel-engraved silkscreen, upgraded with the Intel firmware and it's working in his VM box 24/7 for six months straight like a swiss clockwork. So....it seems life is just a box of chocolates with these ones....

  • Unfortunately, the ad went down two days ago and I didn't recieve any feedback on shipping.

    Has anyone had their card(s) shipped?

    EDIT: After asking the seller whether he'd ship the card, in less than an hour, ebay has decided to interfere and refund me in full. Whatever this guy was doing, ebay didn't appreciate it…..