Android 2 device does Wi-fi. Can't L2TP/Ipsec.

  • Devices:
    pfSense 2.2.4
    iOS 8.4.1
    Android 5.0.2
    Ubuntu 12.04.5 (apt-get install l2tp-ipsec-vpn)

    I set up URL.
    L2TP/IPsec on Android

    It is failed by the L2TP/IPsec connection from the Wi-Fi access point.
    Combinations are connected with each other.

    OK iOS
    OK Android
    OK Ubuntu

    OK iOS iOS
    OK iOS Android
    OK iOS Ubuntu
    NG Android Android
    NG Android Ubuntu
    NG Ubuntu Ubuntu

    Android and Ubuntu will fail in L2TP.

    Competition of L2TP regards me as a cause.
    L2TP port:
    OS source destination
    iOS variably 1701
    Android 1701 1701
    Ubuntu 1701 1701

    I was able to put it together when I did L2TP of Ubuntu variably.
    L2TP port:
    OS source destination
    Ubuntu variably 1701

    NG Android Android
    OK Android Ubuntu
    OK Ubuntu Ubuntu

    But, Android is not made in variableness in L2TP.
    Can it be settled on the pfSense side?

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