PfSense 2.2 nanobsd serial garbage output, install pfsense2.1 and then upgrade

  • Hello all

    yesterday my pfsense2.1x router crashed and i needed to reinstall pfsense… so i took pfsense 2.2 Nanobsd+Serial but all i got was garbage onto the serial output,i tried  allmost all settings of X-kbps 8N1, but no luck!

    Some guys&girls into the irc channel of pfsense told me to try installing pfsense2.1x and then upgrade to pfsense2.2, i did and now it works very good without getting garbage at 9600Kbps.

    My research of the maximum speed of my USB to Serial Adaptor says its only 56kbps....

    for the near future, is there any way to install pfsense 2.2 Nanobsd+Serial Output without upgrading from 2.1x to 2.2x and using 9600Kpbs 8N1 ??? That would be great, i dont wont buy a new USBtoSerial Adaptor and i think i am not the only one may who has this problem.


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    Well, like…. eh.... it's configurable in the GUI.

  • @doktornotor:

    Well, like…. eh.... it's configurable in the GUI.

    but only after you have pfsense installed! You can't set it into the GUI if you have a blank harddrive/Stick/Card/whatever, if you are at the installing level of pfsense2.2 … you know what i mean ?

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    Not really. Even the most crappy 20 years old COM ports had 115200bps. Why the hell would be USB limited to 57600?

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