2.2.1 and TFTP

  • Hi,

    Running v2.2.1 with two interfaces in a bridge, NIC_INTERNET and NIC_SERVER, both with public IP addresses. SIP traffic and HTTP etc moving fine across architecture.

    Rule on NIC_INTERNET allows inbound traffic on port 69 to the public IP of SERVER.
    Rule on NIC_SERVER allowing all traffic

    Packet capture on NIC_INTERNET shows tftp traffic inbound no reply traffic visible
    Packet capture on NIC_SERVER shows tftp traffic inbound and reply traffic from SERVER.

    Attempted to turn on the TFTP helper in Advanced -> Firewall/NAT on BOTH interfaces and each one individually both doesn't appear to be making any difference.

    I'm testing with Win 10 TFTP client installed through "Add new features" in Control Panel.

    Any suggestions into where I can look further? General logs show no info on TFTP helper working? Is it a process I can check is running? Any detailed log files anywhere?



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