Assign given MAC Address to Virtual IP

  • I'm trying to use pfsense as firewall in OVH infrastructure.

    OVH gives a MAC address for every public IP.

    I need to specify the given MAC addresses to the virtual ip in OVH in order to establish DMZ networking (OVH rule).

    Is there a way to assign the given MAC in pfsense Virtual IP ?

    From the web GUI is not possible, maybe from shell ?


  • I found a workaround as follows.

    (I' m in VMWARE esxi)

    for every public IP:

    • create a virtual NIC attached to WAN network
    • create in pfsense a new WAN interface with the assigned MAC address WAN_xxx_xxx_xxx_xxx (where xxx_xxx_xxx_xxx is the public IP)

    At the end I will have n WAN Interfaces, one every public IP (for example 16 or 32 …) there any drawback?