Squid working?

  • I'm trying to test if squid is working or not, but it doesn't seem to be, although my methodology could be wrong.

    I set "maximum object size" to 10000k. Then I downloaded firefox from mozilla.com. After doing this, I checked /var/squid/cache, and the size increased by about 5MB. Good. Then I deleted the browser cache and tried again using the same url. The download speed was no faster than before (150KB/s). After the download was complete this log entry was written:

    1210564836.025  40647 TCP_HIT/200 6039471 GET http://ftp-mozilla.netscape.com/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/ - NONE/- application/octet-stream

    It says it was a HIT… but was it really? The download should have been at LAN speeds, not typical ADSL speeds.

    Any ideas on how to further test this to be sure it's working?

  • Ah, could the traffic shaper be limiting my bandwidth? That would make more sense….

  • Same for me.  I'm not sure the issue.  I know mine is working as I often see 5 MByte/sec within our office when we only have 3 MBit bandwidth.  I'll keep an eye out for other sites not being served from cache.

  • I've the same thing. When I go to sites were are pictures to download with a slideshow, and I go back to the same URL, it seems that the pictures are not comming from the proxy but directly from the internet.
    Can this be a bug?

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