How to add a second WAN subnet to pfsense (no LB or failover)

  • Hi,
    we have a pfsense running with one static IP-address assigned by our ISP xxx.10.yyy.21/27 with gateway xxx.10.yyy.1.

    We are adding servers to our internal network that needs separate IP-addresses and then got assigned a new network with a new gateway:
    zzz.80.www.66-70/27 and gateway zzz.80.www.65
    This is on the same physical line so no failover or load-balancing is needed or practical. From the ISP we get one single Ethernet port from a FO-converter. The new addresses will be used as NAT 1:1 to internal servers facing the Internet.

    I have been trying to understand how to configure pfSense for this. I have added the new addresses as Virtual IPs to WAN and then added standard Port Forward rules to the internal hosts using the Virtual IPs.  This doesn't work since I haven't found out where to add the gateway for the new subnet.

    Questions: a
    Am I doing this the wrong way?
    Where should I enter the gateway for Virtual IPs?

    Any pointers in the right direction greatly appreciated

  • OK, our ISP added the new net so we can send all traffic to that IP. All is cool.