How do I fix this error? (resolved)

  • I was reinstalling pfsense on a Intel Atom D2500 Dual LAN, Dual COM Fanless Mini-ITX PC, D2500CCE, 2GB, T3410 .  It was installing okay until something happened and now whenever I try to boot it up it gives me this error.

    FreeBSD/x86 boot 
    Default: 0:ad(0,a)/boot/kernal/kernel 

    note:  hitting enter at this menu says

    No /boot/kernel/kernel

    I have two questions.

    1)  How do I get this to let me installed a fresh copy of Pfsense again?

    2)  Does the FreeBSD/x86 mean it had the 32 bit version of pfsense installed previously or does both the 32 bit/64 bit say that at this stage of the boot loader?

    edit:  Solution found.

    Even though the bios menu options no longer displayed theself anymore.  Holding F2 still invoked them and I was able to change the boot order.

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    Dude, your BIOS not displayed is not a pfSense issue. Sounds like your MB is more or less toast.

  • After another failed attempt at installing pfsense, it can no longer find my hard drive.  Everything appears to be operating normally.  Interestingly enough, after this failed attempt, I started to see the bios menu pop up again.

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    Yup. Perhaps get a working HDD.

  • I finished testing.  The Kingston 16GB 16G SATAIII SSD is dead.  The brand new drive died after 15 months of use.

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