SIP port? (SOLVED)

  • Hi,
    So, the weirdest  thing not sure why it is happening. So im trying to forward my SIP ports on Elastix but for some reason its not working i look at states and it seems to be trying to forward but thats my windows server while my Elastix is Then I tried IAX worked perfectly. So i wonder why on my SIP ports its looking for my windows server? Did i miss something on the configuration? As you can see the photos it shows IAX 4569 connects to (elastix) while SIP port 5060 tries to connect to my windows server ( which because of that I can not register the extension.

    the 181.xx.xx.xx is my external IP for elastix and im trying to connect with another external IP 201.xx.xx.xx

    Thank you

  • silly me  ;D

    I fixed it by moving the NAT rule for the FTP  below the SIP lolz…

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