Outbound Nat causing loss of internet

  • Hi,

    I have two gateways. I have a connection going out the non default gateway. That works and what's my ip shows the ip of the gateway it's going out. Great!!
    Now I want to apply an outbound NAT to this connection. When I do that I cannot browse the internet on that server. I can still ping the internet.
    Another issue is that I cannot ping the server from the internet using the NAT IP and cannot connect to it. I can ping the external IP Internally.

  • So I decided to remove everything and start from scratch. I believe I have removed everything and go to remove the alias and I get "Cannot delete Alias. Currently in use by" 
    In use by what?

    ![Cannot delete alias.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Cannot delete alias.png_thumb)
    ![Cannot delete alias.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Cannot delete alias.png)