How to improve latency of pfsense

  • guys pls help i want to lower down the latency for online games.what should i dO?

  • Set the traffic shaper up so it priorizes your game-traffic.

    But from the other thread you opened you seem to have no clue about trafficshaping.
    I suggest you first get a basic understanding what traffic shaping is and how it works.
    Particularly learn what HFSC is.

  • Often it is easier to cap the bandwidth on your apps to lower latency for other applications. If your router is getting flooded with connections QoS will do nothing to help with latency.

  • Actually as long as you're not using p2p and hosting some kind of servers on your network, theres no way to improve latency with QoS on an home network behind pf.

  • I wonder what products have you seen that lowers the de-facto latency of the connection provided by the ISP?!

  • Quality of the modem/router indeed affect latency, thats one of the reasons we don't use a soho linksys router in a datacenter, a well configured pfsense gateway should provide the lan users a better connection quality than some soho stuff. But once you fixed the hardware bottleneck theres nothing you can do.

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