Always redirect to main page

  • how to disable this sir if i select firewall then rules redirect to main page i select other function redirect to mainpage

    how to u unrestrict so that i can edit

    pfsense 2.0.3

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    You can start by installing a supported pfSense version.

  • what version sir?

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    Dunno, the uptodate one is listed on the pfSense homepage, surprisingly… You are about 5+ years behind.

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    5+ years?  2013-04-15 is when 2.0.3 came out..  Did I black out for a few years.. Is it 2018 already?? ;)

  • i bought the pfsense and i just want to edit or modify

    how do i enable the security features

    in the console there is login password

    in the gui i can only edit is the traffic shaper

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    huh??  Maybe you would have better help in the language section of your native tongue.. So you bought pfsense where that it has 2.0.3 on it??  That while not quite 5 years is very very OLD!!

    The security features, you mean firewall is on out of the box?  Gui is where you can edit everything!!!  Are you saying you don't know the password for the console?  I would update this to current 2.2.4 version with clean install so you know all the passwords and know that everything is default settings.

    I take it you got something used from someone?  What hardware is it running on?

  • You should re-install pfSense completely.
    The reason you see the main page only is that you are logged in with a restricted username/password combination which doesn't give you access to all areas, only traffic shaper.
    Are you able to download a backup config from it?